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Originally Posted by 92hondacivic View Post
Look here, let me holla at yall for a second. I got a 92 civic with cai, header, catback exhaust, short throw, and I'm running a 50 shot. I think Im putting down around 300 or 325 to the wheels. This dumbass kid with a cobalt ss thinks he can take me lol. He is so confident he wants to put 150 bills on the race. This kid is trippin, a real ass clown as are most slowbalt owners. My question is how bad will I walk this kid, because i was thinking I should up the money on the race, i want to get some 12" subs for my whip. He wants a role race, lol and Im thinkin thats even better for me cause my performance wing helps me alot at the higher speeds. give me the honest opinion, i dont want the slowbalt preaching bullshit please. I'm thinking I should put about 8 or 9 cars on him, but Im not really sure. Another dumbass thinking america can actualy build cars has a mustang gt, I'm not sure what year, but they are all the same I think, putting down about 180 or so since like 94 I believe, I cant wait to rape this kid to, any of you guys ever had run ins with mustangs, how bad did you hurt em. Any, dont take this shit the wrong way, I like the look of cobalts, I think the wing should be a little bigger to make it look a little faster but oh well. Remeber dont hare, honda started the whole street racing scene, so remember the roots. Honda fo life bitches....
First off, try again. America started the whole street racing thing before Honda was in America. Do you remeber the Muscle Car? First one was the 1963 Pontiac Tempest GTO. Then came cars such as the Mustang, Trans AM, Nova, Chevelle, Camaro, Thunderbird, Barracuda, Charger, and Challenger (Did I forget any?).

Now, down to business. In your race will you be spraying? What are the mods on the Cobalt? If you spray and he is completely stock I would anticipate that the Cobalt would get an early lead but your Nitrous should make up the difference once you get to the right rpm's for spraying and then some. You would win. If he is modded, depending on the mods, you could likely lose. Remember, out of the box he comes with ~2x's the bhp you do (less if you have vvt, which i'm not sure about, regardless you still have less). Also, the Cobalt will have much more tq than you. Even compared to the new Si the SS/SC has about 50-60 more lbs. Also, SS/SC comes stock with a short throw shifter. And be careful if this kid is running Nitrous. According to GM the Ecotec can safely handle a 75 shot. That would probably be why our GM stage 3 pcm is preprogrammed to handle a 50 shot.

Have you actually dyno'd your car to find out the actual bhp or whp you are making? I'm going to assume not since you said you are making around 300-325. Either you are making it or not. What is your actual numbers? What are you trapping in the 1/4? Give us some hardcore info so that we can tell you how it is.

And don't come in here disrespecting us with jargon such as "Slowbalt." After I don't come to your forum and start insulting Hon-duhh's.

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