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I doubt with all the engineering GM put into the sport compact racing scene in the summit sport compact series that some of that knowledge would not make it into the aftermarket for the Cobalt SS.

Remember that GM has been racing the cavalier with the Ecotec for a long time now.

Here is a link about the Ecotec in the GM FWD Drag Car.

"With the GM Ecotec global powerplant, we're making over 1,000 horsepower, and the majority of the engine components are production parts," said Josh Peterson, GM Racing Sport Compact program manager. "We're using a production block, production main bearing girdle, production cylinder heads, a production oiling system and a production drive chain. It's simply amazing what we can do with this basic engine package. We believe that we will ultimately reach more than 1,150 horsepower before we exceed the limits of the production parts."

"Many of the heavy-duty Ecotec components developed by GM Racing for the Sport Compact drag racing program are now available to enthusiasts through GM Performance Parts. These include complete race-prepared blocks, ported cylinder heads, steel billet crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, copper head gaskets, aluminum intake manifolds, racing camshafts, neutral-balanced countershafts and intake and exhaust manifold flanges."
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