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Help!! Wanting to go Stage II on my 05 cobalt ss/sc, dont know what to get!

my head hurts at this point lol.. so far from everything that ive gathered.. a good setup would be a 3" exhaust system (i already had a flowmaster exhaust placed onto the end before, does that matter?), injen cold air intake (dont know which one to get, ive seen like 3 different models so far for my car), 2.5" pulley?? with #60 injectors, i keep hearing talk about needing an oversized tensioner, something about bigger heat exchanger, an aftermarket clutch due to how much HP the original clutch can handle. also have seen people talking about a catless system? so does that mean straight-through/test pipe? is that doable in a ss/sc? is it better?

i need your guys help with what i should get for the best bang for the buck...

i have a $2000 budget, and i need you guys to tell me what the best parts i can get to increase my performance of my car! im not very car savvy :/

thx so much for any feedback! also if you recommend certain parts, itll greatly help to throw up a link to a site with the parts (as i get thrown off easily.. example: injen cold air intake different models/prices blahblah). thx!
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If you go with a 2.5 pulley you will have to have the supercharger snout ground down to accept that small of a pulley.

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would it be more bang for buck to have that done? if not, what is the smallest pulley i should put on? 2.7 or 2.8 maybe?
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I just got my stage 3 kit on from zzp and i love it im boosting 19 psi i got the 2.8 pulley 60# injectors and the shorter belt along with the S3 h/e (the biggest one they offer) also got the super charger oil and gasket all together it ran me like $680 But they were having a sale on the kit so if you do i'd hurry
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kk ill check it out here today!! 680? thats not bad, did you put it all on yourself? and if not how much was labor?? like i said i got a 2000 budget and ill get a few other things if its not gonna be that expensive
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so this is what ive gathered so far:
black 2.7" pulley
oversized tensioner pully? (whats the difference between this, the shorter belt option, and the zzp adjustable tensioner??)
upgrade to S3 H/E.
and im choosing the option for "I have an aftermarket intake" as i will be getting prolly an injen intake.
#80 injectors + harness for my 2.0L
question about this item: if i already had a flowmaster installed last year, would it make sense to get this piece with the magnaflow resonator? or would this work with the flowmaster i already have?
im looking at getting this downpipe as well. would you guys think it be wise to go with no cat? or with a cat? i know its not street legal, and it looks like it says it requires pcm programming or an O2 sim.. would this matter if the place that is putting all of this on would be custom tuning my car?? also, what are "requires 1 or more solid engine/transmission mounts" ? (sorry car noob here)
it looks like i would need this as well if im going down to a 2.7" pulley. would i need to add pipes to my cart as well? also is this a good sidegrade to the GM racing dual intercooling?:
this is something that i was just eyeing, im not for sure if i will need a newer clutch or not, but seeing a stage 4 plus clutch in my balt would be pretty neat, minus the $850 it would cost for it :/

cold air intake of course :P

okay, so i know i listed a lot of parts, and im damn sure this is well over my budget, but would you all be able to assist me in filtering out what are gonna be the best as far as performace/cost ratio goes?? of course im gonna most likely get the stage 3 zzp kit, but what else should i get ? thx
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(from over at the other site)
Originally Posted by rnjmur View Post
80# injectors are WAY overkill unless you are planning on running E85. Just stick with the 60# injectors that come in the kit.

I would definately get the dual pass endplate. It helps alot to keep IAT2 low. If you are going to be driving like an asshole all the time, I would personally either get meth or stick with a 2.8 inch pulley.

If you get exhaust I would get it with the resonator. I personally think cars without the resonator sound like ricey ass.

I would get the catless DP for your setup. If you are getting a custom tune they can turn off the error for CAT efficiency (this is illegal for a street driven car, just FYI).

chances are that you will need a new clutch at some point in time, but labor to put in a clutch is probably going to run you about $600 or more (probably more! I have no idea what they charge for a clutch install), so you are looking at close to $1500 for the clutch + labor.
thx northvibe + insylum for your tips . i know its always best to go with GMs stock sets if i dont know much about cars, but i got a buddy mechanic looking into things and i already have a place right down the street that already said as long as i get any parts theyll install and tune/dyno my shit . but i really really appreciate the lookin out!! more feedback than ive g***en before haha.

rnjmur - gotcha on the injectors, didnt see that the stage 3 zzp comes with the #60 injectors..
and ill go with the 2.8 pulley (still have no clue what the "shorter belt" and "zzp adjustable tensioner" options are?)
also, where can i find out what i need for methanol injection? and does this work like shots? or is it just something that i need to refill somewhere every couple of months? <-really interested in the methanol btw.
also i will still be getting the s3 h/e just to keep things nice n cool.
and ill get the dual pass endplate as well, but is this the only thing i need??

like do i need any other pipes to go with it? and should i add option B to this item? (have no clue what the differences are)

as far as the downpipe with NO cat, what would i need to outfit my exhaust all the way to the back? cuz im assuming id need a test pipe or something to continue from where the cat should be all the way to my fart pipe.
(and yes, im preferring to run without a cat, for the fact that my dealership is being a douche. i got that paper saying that cats on my specific car tend to throw engine check signs, and it will need replaced if it does. i was already told by another place that the air filter in my cat is going bad and that the cat will need replaced eventually, so if they wont replace it, then fuck it i dont need it lol). and should i get the 3" weld option or the 3" bolt in? aaand finally, what is this with/without gasket option? just wondering.

also, to add on about the NO-cat solution, my personal flavor is that i like to have a ricey sound to my car (unfortunately lol), but if i am to go with no cat, would it make more sense to throw on the resonator anyway, just for the fact that my car will prolly be really loud without the cat??

continuing on about the cat.. is this the only other part that i would need for the exhaust?
and would this work with the no-cat option?? also, speaking from before, i have a flowmaster at the end of my exhaust. would i pretty much just be replacing that as well if i got this option?

aside from all things listed, i will of course be getting a cold air intake (preferably injen). do you have any specific suggestion on a type? as ive seen a few different types of injen cold air intakes for my car.

last, what do i do as far as performance headers are concerned??

so to sum things up right now, this is a good start to what i see myself getting: + resonator? ~$600(+100 core charge) ~ + bolt in option? ~ $140-160 ~ $225 ~ $460(+125 core charge) ~ $105(+100 core) - still need to know if i need something in addition to this piece)

this adds up to approximately $1550 (+ an additional 325 in core charges) + tax of course and shipping (QQ )

all this together will most likely push over my 2000 budget initially, but that should be fine i believe (except the labor charges ouch! :/).

also, one again, still interested in the whole methanol injection, and performance headers options.

let me know!

--edit : also, im seeing that the hahn brand over on turbotechracing has good quality exhaust and its cheaper, is this true? still catless?
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wtf do some research before you waste 2k blowing your motor.

you dont know anything on these cars yet dont waste money dont waste money dont waste money.

OK you say you got 2k to spend lemme walk you through some things and im gunna prey tonight you havent bought any of that shit

5 things kill this motor.
running lean
high IAT
Too much boost at high rpms
too High a mph for long times

First off what are your goals why are you dumping 2k because its too much for a baisc kit and its too low for a high hp gain

But that being said im have only spent 1000 in upgrades and am close to 300whp was gunna get a dyno but putting money in the f body

things i have and THINGS U NEED

2.6 pulley i wouldnt suggest going this low 2.8 is the same not much gains just a different tq gains lowend

dual pass

Big FM heat exchanger


header and dp BUT id wait on this because **** is comming out with a LONG tube thats going to be fricken sick prolly 10+ over an upgraded header and dp and most of that lowend which is just amazing

3 inch intake and exhaust

Port and polish supercharger If you good with power tools you can do this yourself

A NEW Clutch

Soild mounts motor and trany

Wideband with digi display and lambda settings

Aeroforce Scan GAUGE A MUST for scanning IAT and Knock

THOSE ARE ALL MUSTS ive picked up all used for about 1000 right now and you can pick them up cheap too. THen look around for people close to you who can tune you with hptuners.

Also 2.6 is the dyno proven to have gains over the 2.8 but where talkin like 2-8whp on gas which isnt worth it

IF you really have your heart set on 2.6 you need to look into a meth kit or e85 if you dont have a fill spot dont bother.

pm me if you need more help man happy to help unlike MT AHAHAHHAHAH jk not really
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hey winky.... I will take my moderator hat off and speak as a normal member...

Nobody takes you seriously, you sound like a little valley school girl with the OMG crap. You need to grow up already...

Mod cap back on: Keep bringing me or any of the other moderators up, and you will find it very diffulcult to log on here.


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Lol i didnt see you post anything better i dont see whats wrong saying i wanna see what you post doesnt seem hostile at all just wanted to here u chime in here your the one that seems u need to grow up if you take anything from what i said above in a rude or stepping on your feet

please ban me ill make a new account not a huge deal. Id love to see you ban me because you have bad blood against me. Also about your 678whp id love to here a list of your mods on that car that a twin turbo gto that you also have cant beat it. Because im sure my lsj wont beat it if you really are a true 678ish whp but i promise you my f body can runs 11s on street tires would love to hear you say yours does WOULD love you to tell me that! because the fastest time posted on streets in a fwd is low 12s i believe could be wrong but last i checked so if your fast please let me know so i can put you in the record books.
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