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04 srt w/darrell cox head and much more....

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Cant see the pics, but I think its just my computer...

Edit: Nevermind they are up now... My computer sucks... should buy it lol
drewsrt said: should buy it lol
LOL i wish had that kind of money sorry i am broke because school.
Hey 87 perfect timing man, your car just broke right, well could you sell it for what its worth and put a small down payment on this one?? Just a thought. I know school restricts your workin and all trust me I know all too well too! I was just tryin to figure out a way to help you out. And think about it you said your car is gettin about 10mpg now since it broke! If you just drive approximately 230.75 miles a week (12000 miles a year) Only gettin 10 mpg thats like 23.1 gallons of gas a week, (your last post on the gas mileage topic said your area was around 2.15 to 2.19 a gallon) and lets be conservative, lets say you get it for $2.15 a gallon, thats still $49.67 a week, $198.66 a month THATS MORE THAN MY TRUCK PAYMENT!!! And thats only if you drive that little, most people drive more than that!! I just figured this would be really close to gettin a new car and its already fast! Or you could get that Z28 its really cheap!
Well gas just went up to 2.19. Any way i would need ins. and a loan witch will make my payments really high so i need to wait untill i pay off my student loan first.
Yeah thats understood. You got a lot left on it?
CoBIZZLE said:
Yeah thats understood. You got a lot left on it?
No i just that it wont become active untill school lets out but i got to be ready for when is does. And being i only work 1 day a week that is only enough money to cover my gas witch i hard to live on but i manage.
Hey thats a sweet srt-4 if i wasnt poor id get it but the one thing i dont like about it is the eyellids i just think they dont look that good with the round headlights
The SRT-4 comes factory with straight pipes after the cat do they not? Did you put that muffler on or what, & how does it sound?
The srt comes stock with a "dual" exhaust. The stock one just split near the end. That exhaust that's on the car is a full 3 inches from the turbo back and that is the only muffler on resonator and no cat. Sounds very good. It's very deep. Anyway BUMP FOR MY POST!!! Here is a link to honda-tech where the pics are working. BTW The price is lowered to $15,500!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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