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Hey, I just made an impulsive decision to buy an SS after driving an 06 LS for the past couple years. Unfortunately in my first few days with the car it started pouring out white smoke from the exhaust (and from the engine bay, cracked exhaust manifold).

I'm trying to decide on next steps to take care of this blown engine and get back on the road. I've been following the forums for quite a while now between fixing up my original Balt and dreaming of a modded SS, so I have a decent amount of background but would like some outside opinions.

Some background on the car and my plans:
05 SS/SC 85K miles, looks like stage 2 zzp kit, vibrant cat back exhaust, zzp cai. Shifting into second was a bit crunchy, crazy idle surge 700-2500 RPM (fixed to a drivable point by cleaning throttle body)
Ultimately I would like to turbo swap and end up with a reliable max 400 whp daily, I don't mind having the car down for a bit as I still have my other cobalt and harley.
I haven't had the heart/time to pull out the engine, but I will do that this weekend to have a better idea of where I'm at. At this point I know I want to build a new engine or drop in a long block, buy an upgraded clutch, and do something with the tranny if possible.

Most likely I'm planning on purchasing the zzp gen3 lsj short block and building that up, I'm not entirely sure on what I would want to do with the head and internals
I've also been considering grabbing a long block from somebody like Hahn if that ends up being less headache.
Do either of these routes make sense with my goals in mind?

I don't think I can justify throwing in a new or reman F35 (from the prices I've seen, maybe they can be found cheaper) so I'm looking at picking up a used unit and hoping it's better than what I'm currently working with. From looking on the forums I've also seen there's a small chance that the shifter just needed adjusted.
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