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Blue Supercharged Saturn

Great condition just want something new.

18xxx miles most from 3 1/2 trips to buffalo (850miles each way) needs new rubber that is why i would take 15,500 have every part i have taken off of it some extras. psi-fi kit installed (still have stock pullys) interior in good condition (-floor matts and a couple small scratches on the driver seat.) oil change ever 3k with the current set up should be near 240hp at the wheels, having some problems with the psi-fi kit and the ecu but should have all worked out, if not i will only be asking 15,100 for the car. runs great, pulled a 15.3 at jackson and with better driving and some good tires. there are a couple people on the forums that have seen the car and been in the car that can attest to it being a fun car. handles great fun car to drive just want something that i can play around with more, i/e take apart and not have to worry about warrenty (car has 50k 48mths warrenty on it)

low spoiler
carbon fiber side lights
rear grille
sun roof
psi-fi kit(16psi pulley and piggy back ecu)

extra parts
blue map/dome lights
korax intake
rain guards
hood sturts (

if anyone intrested let me know.
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