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Okay everyone i am finally getting around to ordering parts and am debating on what to do. My power goal is 300hp+. Right now i have just stage 2 installed. I was thinking about going a custom setup route but knowing me i will want more power and most likley change it around eventually.

So what i was thinking was get the supporting mods out of the way: Zzperformance 3" cold air intake, over the top performance long tube header, hahn racecraft 3" catless downpipe, hahn racecraft 3" cat-back exhaust, smoothflow pulley 2.7", over the top performance front mount heat exchanger, gm performance dual pass endplate, over the top performance option b, gm performance clutch, over the top performance rotated transmission mounts, hp tuners vcm suite professional tune, n2mb wot box (2-step and wide open thr***le shifting), aem uego wideband air/fuel ratio gauge, siemens #60lb flowmatched injectors

I eventually want to port the stock m62 blower, port my head, build the motor, and spray the car as well. My other question is will i need anything else? What power level would i be at? what will i run in the quarter mile?

If anyone here thinks i should get one brand over another please put it out there explain why. I dont want to buy something now and have to replace it later on.
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