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My 2006 Chevy cobalt s/c only has a new muffler and zzp intake. The car drove perfectly. I installed a wot box according to their instructions on the n2mb website specific to my car. All the trouble shooting works apart from the 2 step. All would be fine if my car drove fine I can live without 2 step. I tried to fix the wiring multiple time everything is wired perfectly. But the two step engages but doesn’t stay at 4K rpm it goes to 4300 drops to like 2300 and start to 2 step there then it jumps again. So I don’t know what’s wrong with the 2 step but the worst part is when I’m driving if I try to do a pull any gear above 2 nd sounds like my engine is choking and it sounds like it’s 2 stepping and then the car won’t accelerate while it’s doing that. Does anyone know of any fixes or anyone that had this problem and got it fixed ?
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