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Bellow is an overview for the 2006 Chevy Cobalt

Cobalt - New for 2006
Updated 2005 Cobalt Accessory Information
New Cobalt PEG -- 1SY
New G85 Performance Package
Cobalt Wheel Plan
Cobalt Gets Powertrain 5/60 Limited Warranty
2005 Cobalt Accessories Information
Cobalt SS Update
2005 Cobalt Spec Sheet
Salesperson Reference Guide
Cobalt Basics
Key Features
2005 Cobalt Color Availability
Manufacturing Overview
Key Competitors
"With excellent performance, beautiful build quality, great roominess and a high level of visual and driving refinement, it sets the new benchmark for its class." -- Bob Lutz on the new 2005 Cobalt

The 2005 Cobalt is Chevrolet's all-new premium small car. Available in two body styles and eight models with numerous levels of equipment, from entry-level versions to premium and performance-oriented models, the vision for Cobalt is one of a premium European small car built for American tastes and needs. It features an eight-model lineup with unique exterior and interior appearances packed with technology, performance and high-quality fit and finish.

Cobalt - New for 2006

The big news for the 2006 Cobalt lineup is the addition of the SS Coupe and SS Sedan models. With the addition of the new SS models, the Cobalt lineup includes 8 different models to choose from with 3 engine and transmission combinations. Both SS models start at $18,790 MSRP with destination and include the following equipment:

2.4L ECOTEC engine delivering 171 hp @ 6200 rpm and 163 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm
17-inch polished aluminum wheels and sport tires
Tuned Sport Suspension
Five-speed manual transmission or optional four-speed automatic transmission
Front and rear sport fascias
Chrome exhaust tip
White-faced sport gauges
Low-mount spoiler
Leather-wrapped steering wheel with integrated audio and cruise controls

Other 2006 model year changes for Cobalt include:

The UN0 sound system (CD player with RDS) replaces the U1C sound system (CD player only)
Arrival Blue Metallic (91U) will be replaced with Laser Blue Metallic (21U) in Winter 2005
Majestic Amethyst Metallic (84U) is a new color
A new badging strategy
Base model badged LS
LS model becomes an LT
LT model badged an LTZ
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2006 Cobalt Calendar Info

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They probably will since they underated it the first time. Most Cobalt SS are putting down 200 at the wheels I believe. So it should be about 230 at the crank. Like when the SRT4 came at it was rated at 215hp but was putting down 220-230 at the wheels so the next model year they bumped it up to 230. The actual crank rating should be about 260hp for the SRT4 but 230 helps my insurance.
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