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Hi guys..
I'm looking to buy a 06 SS/SC Cobalt (32k on it) but I have few questions that I think you guys can help me with.
In 06 I got a brand new SS/SC and i loved it but i sold it 2ys later.
Now i can get another 1 but I don't know if it has any stage kits on... How would I know that???

Other thing is the engine sounds very nice and clean but every 3-4 is will jolt, like it cutting out but it never is and RPMs stay solid at 700-750.

Dealer said when they got it it was fine but now check engine light is on and he says it because the battery was dead ( kinda don't believe that )

Final thing (I promise) my 1st 06 SS/SC was fast, i mean when i hit the gas pedal it would move. The 1 i'm looking at now I hit the gas and it feels like it has lag and when it finally get the 15 psi ( what gauge shows ) i don't really feel that power, im totally lost with this 1 and don't know what to think.
I was thinking maybe stage 1 or 2 has that effect on the car but i really dont know.

PLS help me TYVM

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