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Does anyone elses SS pull REAL HARD around 3k rpms? Mine doesn't lug by any means lower than that but man it jerks the hell out of me when it hits 3k. I thought a S/C would pull super hard from lower than 3k. Don't get me wrong it still pulls super strong at 15k or so but it feels super strong when it hits 3k and surprisingly keeps the pull all the way to 6k. I was coasting in 2nd and suddenly held it wide open and it pulled good, hit 3k and started smoking tires! I was OMG! lol anyone elses do this?
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lol I'm kinda hoping no one elses does. Hope I got some kinda freak motor lol :D
I hope to go to the local strip tomorrow and do my first ever runs ever in any car. I went a few weeks ago just to check things out since I never went and it was like I was John Force or something rolling up in there lol. BTW I only have 1/8 size tracks around here. What would be some good times for a 1/8? Say my car is capable of 14.5 at the 1/4 what would that equate to in 1/8?
I saw this street-ILLEGAL civic do like a 7.5 1/8th time. Though I don't like civics, I thought that particular car was pretty cool. Just by watching the different cars do their runs I feel like I will fall somewhere between 9 and 10 seconds. I feel like I'm a pretty good driver. Alot better than the ones I seen run. People taking cavaliers, civics, accords, and some eclipses and run like 11 seconds or so. It was funny how this really fat girl driving the fast civic was the best driver there. The other people would spin like hell in much lower powered cars and keep it spinning in hopes of it to finally get grip. This one moron in a white eclipse spun all through 1st and 2nd and all you heard was rev-limiter. He drove back around and his car was smoking horribly and the burnt oil smell was the worst I ever smelt. Funny how he had 30 day tags on it to. Anyways like I said I feel I'm a pretty good driver but I've never ran before. Any advice from the experts out there for my first run?
DigDug said:
With a decent launch, and considering that the CSS will likely pull harder at the top end then down low, I would guestimate 9.4x @ 73MPH.

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As far as advice, don't worry about winning the race. Take your time at the beginning and get the best launch you can. R/T is something you can work on later, so don't get all excited about leaving the instant the tree lights flick to green and just concentrate on your launch.

I am going to see how fast my car is, whether someline lines up beside or not I could care less. Besides...after everything i saw last time, I wouldn't expect to lose :cool:
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