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Air Box Mod

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This is just a basic rundown on how to uprgrade your stock Air intake system. (SS/SC)

First, you will need these necessary tools to begin:
Hand Ratchet 3/8"
12" extended shaft 3/8"
4" long 10mm socket 3/8"
7 mm socket 3/8"
Flat head and Phillips screw driver
Spare tire jack + a thick (4" thick X 4" wide) secure block of wood

Place wood on floor exactly under the jack point of the Left Front tire. Remove wheel and place away to avoid scratches. Remove the splash guard bolts with the ratchet and 7mm socket to reach the lowest bolts of the Intake box. Pop hood open and remove the left front headlight with the ratchet and 10mm socket. Remove the left front headlight harness with same tools. Remove horn along with bracket with the same tools.

Your area should soon be clear of distractions to remove your air box. There are 4 10mm bolts that need to be removed. Two closest to the front of the car and two closest to tire. One of the bolts closest to the tire will require the extended 3/8" shaft. Once you wiggle it out w/out breaking anything, (almost broke it when I did it) you should be holding the box.

Buy a 5"-9" air intake and a screw clamp 6" wide(I have a 9" cone and it works fine). Remove b***om bolts of Air box with the Phillips screwdriver and remove old air filter. Drill a hole where the clamp will tighten it will look like this:

To put back together, just repeat the process in reverse order and presto! you are finished! I didn't put the air box cover back on because my cone was too long if any were curious.... :)
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What year did that Air Box come off of??
Oh... The 06 non-supercharged has a different Air Box. Thats why I asked. It looked really weird to me
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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