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Another Check Engine Light...

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Tonight my check engine light came on...but it was after I had to get a jumpstart because somehow my autolights turned off and they stayed on. Anyways its running fine and all but the CEL is on. I have OnStar and I called them and they ran the GM remote diagnostics test and it was something along the lines of drivetrain memory malfunction or something like that. Said something about a possible loss of power from the drivetrain and needs to be serviced at the dealer ASAP. Now I beleive some other owners on here had a very similar problem. For those of you who had the problem was it something that just needed to be reset or what? I hope this isn't something major. Shouldn't be cause it only came on after it was jumpstarted.
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With new wiring comes new issues.

The new Lan networking on these makes communication on the vehicle faster and it needs a lot less wire ( =weight ).I have set off codes on many of these vehicles by jumping them. Sometimes accessories have to be rebooted.(like remote starting or radio presets) You Must Jump them off at the preset jump points or you could fry the harness. Use caution and the system is bullet proof. Don't and you get good at electronic programming. Got tech2. Read owners manuals before jumping off :eek:
I jumped it according to the manual and this still happened...
It was wheelburns who had a powertain control module keep alive memory problem. Since my battery completely died, could its memory(powertrains keep alive memory that is) have been erased and its some sensor that needs to be reset? If so, is it something that doesn't take long?
Update....well I took it to the dealer and the codes came up "Powertrain Control Module Internal Memory Malfunction". The dead battery caused it to lose its memory. He said the light light would have eventually went off by itself but he went ahead and reset it for me.
Yeah I thought it would eventually go away, but glad ya got it takein care of and it was nothing serious, when I saw what ya posted I figured it was the same as wheelburns, he told me what his scanned and I guessed the problem turns out I guessed right... guess if I woulda posted earlier I coulda let ya know... sorry bout that.. :(
mine goes off and comes back after a few days wtf :mad:
Check your battery terminal ray! A lot of times (for this new of a car) they jar loose, causing they Keep Alive Memory reading to come up. Check that and see if it helps! Good luck.
If I had a digital camera I'd be able to show you the wire they are talking about. It's on the passenger side of the supercharger and it runs underneath it. It's a group of wires that are protected by some plastic tube insulation. They are about 3 or 4 inches from the pulley. They are making contact with the supercharger at all times, atleast mine are, and I'm over 2100 miles and mines still in perfect condition.
If thats the case then I would get some zip ties and pull the wires back as much as I could and zip tie em to somethin... That blower will get hot, that plastic will melt and so will the insulation on the wires, like has already happened to a few people...
this has been like the 5th reported case on the site not to mention all the others im sure there will be atleast a bulletin out soon for this they changed our si password so i cant log on but ill check tomorow for a bulletin or a campaign. your memory is programmed into the modules like your computer even tho u shut it off and unplug it its still there. The info is saved memory. you wont lose the memory unless u fry a module
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