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I think the Cobalt SS has alot of potential and yes it is nice to see another American manufacturer actually making an attempt because Ford is not. If the aftermarket treats this car the way it did the SRT-4 then, more horsepower is coming soon. Good luck to you guys that buy the Cobalt SS I want to see some 500hp cars. I plan on waiting for the next SRT or whatever they decide to come with in 07' I think. Just do me a favor make the Cobalt SS an EVO and WRX killer. :D

03 SRT-4
AGP GT40/T350 Stage 5
Greedy Emanage
Greedy E-01
Crane split duration cams
Crane cam gears
MSD Tach Driver
AEM Intake
3" side exit turbo back
MOMO Trek Steering
Plenty of other goodies
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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