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Anybody in California heard any promising news on the SS?

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I live in So. California and was just wondering if anybody had ANY info on arrival dates for the SS S/C. The earliest date I've heard around here is june :(.

I want this car soo bad so I can get rid of my p.o.s. civic...I have ~10k for a down payment and I'll buy the first one on the lot as soon as any arrive.
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i posted before, a dealership im carlsbad has a yellow one.
Shit if you got $10K It MIGHT be a good idea to go ahead and order one, I only stress MIGHT cause a lot of folks that have ordered theirs (last year even) still haven't gotten theirs!!!
I'm thinking though, that even if I order one, I wont get it any sooner then when the dealerships around here get a bunch of um'. I'm also deciding between waiting for G85 package or not =/
Yeah thats kinda what I was gettin at, a lot of people with their orders in still haven't got their cars!
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