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Attention grabber

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What kinds of attention have you gotten since you got your new SS? I haven't had anything unusual . Just ALOT of looks and stares everywhere I go but thats to be expected :) First day I got it I was coming out of the mall though and a horde of civic owners and a SRT-4 owner was gathered around my car. I didn't know what to do since I haven't had a vehicle to really get attention like this one does so I just waved say sup and got in and left. They followed me for some time and finally verred off in the other direction. Maybe they just wanted a ride or something :D lol Also this morning a large convoy of civics and preludes was catching me quickly on interstate. I just maintained speed and as they caught me they all slowed down and passed me slowly looking my car over in great detail and had the most memorable faces I'll ever see again!
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