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The show was nice, but I see serious room for improvement. First, here is clear fair warning of the comming event. July 1, 9AM-3PM.

Here is whats going to happen. We are already in talks with Arby's to do a car wash and discount food. We are bringing in a Food Vendor. We are bringing in a cold (read ice-cream) vendor. I have invited my club (Dynamic MINI Collective) to join (they are big.). I will be in contact with MINI North Scottsdale and The local Chevy Dealer (they said yes for the last one, but couldn't get it together fast enough). I would like live music, so someone on here said they would try to get a hook-up.

I will be trading in the useless tricycles and upgrading...we will be doing some fun stuff with your cars, like "trust". Parking contests, low speed slalom, Cobalt 101, and MINI 101 (as in educating those with less understanding of your special vehicles).

There will be voting again, but it will be scheduled to be complete by noon for those who need to get out of the heat. The prizes will get bigger, as the company was pleased with me, and wants a bigger show!!!

Any suggestions or questions? Call Tim at 480-313-4171 or email at [email protected]
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