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Hello fellow Cobalt enthusiasts I have recently purchased an 05 Supercharged Cobalt with quite the impressive mod list but sadly still on its stock clutch with just over 100k km's on it before I put it on the road I would like to be sure my clutch will be good for 400+crank torque as I am doubtful the stock one will continue to hold for me I can provide mode list if needed for someone to determine the best/most reasonable clutch for something with high power but a daily driver, my preference in clutch effort is a little more firm then stock but not a track clutch or anything thanks so much if you would like pic's let me know thanks!


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Hp tune (tuned on dyno machine)
Full stage 3 (ZZP)
Gm Stage 2 Tune
2.8 supercharger pulley
Upgraded Engine Mount
80lb injectors (running on E85)
Reprogrammed ECU
ZZP injector harness
Vibrant Headers
GM performance exhaust
Bolt conversion from OEM to 5x114.3 (20mm adapter)
Full Adjustable D2 Coilovers
ZZP Option B cooling system
17" Rota Grid Rims
Tinted tailights
Projector headlights (with HID kit)
Double din Panasonic touch screen (with iPhone or Aux connection)
ZZP fuel pump rewire
Powell teal tow hooks (front and rear)
AEM intake

Currently around 350+ crank hp
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