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Hello all, I am new to this forum and need some assistance!

Here's my mishap with my little car and the question I have is at the end.
I have a 2009 cobalt as and I have recently blown up my turbo. I was driving on the freeway accelerated fairly hard and it just blew. No weird noises came out of the engine but I lost all boost, engine light flashing. So once I got off the freeway I turned it off. Tried turning it on again but had a very lagged turn over but the car did turn over. I turned it on and off a couple of times, let it idle the last time and smoke started pouring out of the exhaust. Had it towed home at point, the car had 5 codes come up at that point. So I figured it was the turbo. When we pulled the car apart there was oil everywhere, turbo was done but we noticed there was oil in cylinder 3 only. I was informed that sometime's when a turbo blows it sprays oil into that cylinder and into the exhaust, which also has oil. So we replaced the turbo with a brand new stock one, did all the oil lines and coolant lines to the turbo. With that all done, I'm stuck. The car has 5 codes still showing up which I will list and I don't know where to go next with it. The car runs but still has a lagged start up and of course is burning all that the oil so smoke is pouring out of it. Can someone please give me some advice on what my next problem is? I know I need O2 sensors, which I have so I know one of the codes. One code is for a misfire so I changed all the spark plugs and coils. The other ones I'm at a lose for and don't want to throw money at it to maybe fix a problem. Please help!

Thank you for reading this!
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