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Blue SS at Kil Kare

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Hey whats up man, i didnt get to see your runs but did you break into the 14's. i only got one run before i went home but i missed 4th but still got a 14.6 @ 93mph.
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the lowering springs i installed myself, intake im still waiting on, and the dyno was at colletti motorsports in moraine.
I saw a red SS at raceway park run 15.0 @ 93mph.
How come I keep seeing such slow 1/4 times compared to the promised 1/4 time of 14.4-6?
People havent really got used to their cars yet, havent trully dialed them in. Some mags tested the car and ran 15s others ran as fast as a 14.3, so it depends on a couple of factors... driver, launch, track conditions, elevation, etc. etc.
so far...

Redline: II

Cobalt: __

lol, but im sure you should be seeing trap speeds similiar to the redline, but i dont see how motortrend got a 99 trap, that cobalt must of been on crack. because they tested a redline at 97mph which seems more fitting.
Btw, BlackLine, do you work at the Fairfield Mall by any chance?
oh and saturday i got a 14.54 @ 96mph
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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