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Blue SS with Blue inserts!!

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Hey guys! I don't know if you guys remember me posting a couple weeks ago, but i mentioned that I test drove an SS and I just needed to sell my Talon TSI before I bought one....well... I sold my Talon thursday morning and bought me SS that night. Like the title says, its blue with blue inserts, got XM and sunroof. With the employee discout i got it for $20,900. After taxes and titling and stuff total came to $23,700. Bought it with 34 miles on it. I would have posted earlier, but I guess you can say I bought this as a b-day present. Cause my b-day was friday, and been busy so havent came on to tell ya guys the great news. I love the exhaust! I didn't know it backfired stock. sounds great. I'm takin it easy till I pass break in at 500 miles. Then ill test the power. It already feels quicker than my 95 dsm. I also wanna mention that i do feel the trans in 3rd gear like a couple people on here mentioned. I bought some new floor mats that look almost the same to preserve my brand new ones. So i can put them in, in a couple years and get that new feelin back. I love this Car!!! I'll get some pics up soon!
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Cool I have been keeping an eye on a blue one myself with the performance package XM radio and Sunroof. I am no hurry because I always get the GM discount. LOL
I love that blue color...But i hav not seen ANY blue or silver SS's. But good luck with car and i hope you don't have any problems.
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