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My 05 (sedan) just had new wheels and tires, 17 inch, put on. When braking I now feel a slight pulse in the brake pedal at 45MPH and over and then it fades away. No vibrations at highway speeds when not on the brake.Feels like a warped rotor but I never felt it with the 15 inch stock tires. Car has 400 miles on it. Anyone know if they have come through with bad rotors. Thanks for your thoughts. :confused:
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OK, here s the update. Put original wheels back on and car is fine. So, something the idoits at the wheel place can t find. Returned wheels for full refund and went to another wheel place. Got new rims and Toyo Proxis and have no problems.
Dan is 100% on the money. I think also that the retaining clips for the rotors sit where the hub meets the rim and on the aftermarket wheel those clips came in contact with the rim making an uneven fit. The factory steel rim had spacing where they meet because it did not sit flat against the rotor like the aftermarket wheel. Clips had to be removed. The first guy didn t do that.Alot to consider when changing wheels.A little confusing but you get the idea.
yea, they had other customers around and I started getting pissed off. Also I told him I paid with a credit card and I would just dispute the payment with the card company and in the mean time he would not have his wheels back or the payment from the credit card. :D
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