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These parts are extra's and I wont be needing them for my build, i got those as a package with the other parts i recently...

Brand New ZZP Hub With Screws & Tap ---- 40 $ Shipped
Brand New ZZP 2.8 " Pulley --- 40 $ Shipped
Both The Hub W/Puley ---- 70 $ Shipped
Brand New NGK Irridium 2 Step Colder Spark Plugs --- 25 $ Shipped

ZZP Catless Downpipe W/ Gaskets " Coming off my car this weekend " --- 100 $ Shipped

I bought this not too long ago, it's too loud for my taste :x im very picky hehe, it's in perfect condition no leaks or cracks, anyways its got a 2.5" bolt in exit, with an extra bung for the wideband " will come with the plug if u don't wanna use that bung "

Prices Aren't Set In Stone It's All OBO, & Will Be More Than Happy To Give Discount If Buying More Than One Item
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