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For those of you that do not know, SFPH was indeed the "Originator", "Inventor" and Manufacturer of the World's First ( DUB - Dial_Ur_Boost) Interchangeable/Modular Supercharger Pulley Unit for all Eaton Roots Style Superchargers on the planet. We first brought this product to the marketplace back in 1999 to the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP crowd, at the 1999 Grand Prix Gathering in Kansas City.

Since then, we have made Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley Units for all GM Vehicles equipped with the Eaton Model 90 Supercharger, plus the addition of the 99-04 Ford Lightning, 03-04 Harley Davidson, 03 - 04 Cobra vehicles, now for the GM Ion Redlines, Cobalt SS's.

Any Interchangeable/Modular Supercharger Pulley Unit you see on the market that does not have our TR#### part number on, is a copy of our product. Hope this helps, as read the "NOTICE" on all of our DUB Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley Unit pages and you will see this valuable information. Check it out here:

NOTICE: It has been brought to our attention, that one or more companies are copying our South Florida Pulley Headquarters' Dial_Ur_Boost - The World's First Modular Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley Unit Design. DO NOT be taken in by a company that is making a Modified Version of, or an look-a-like Imitation Copy of the ORIGINAL DUB that South Florida Pulley HQ Invented & Manufactured for these vehicles. You will probably see some Cheap Advertised Prices for these copies, but they will never be as close to the Original Quality or Workmanship as the already Proven & Tested on our Dial_Ur_Boost Supercharger Pulley Unit for the past 5 years it has been on the market.

Also remember our DUB Unit has a "Lifetime Warranty" to the Original Buyer, on the car it was originally installed on. How many companies warrant any product with a warranty like that!!!! Answer....NONE!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading about our latest information and passing it along to our consumers for an Informative Buyer's Beware posting of this latest news, that could cost you more in the long run for buying one of these Copies or Imitations!
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