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Posted this over on the RLforums, but figured I'd extend this out here as well.

Ok everyone...I know CFLRA and SFLSJA have plans for next weekend (18-20th), but I REALLY think we should do our best to get something on Neutral ground so that Mike (from BWoody) can meet and greet. He'll be bringing some of their stuff, and I'll be sporting the Cobra HE custom brackets, their SuperCooler, and Oil catch can (maybe the solid mounts too) - geez, is that EVERYTHING??? You'd think I have stock in them or something...

Anyway, he DEFININTELY wants to hit up a track (Friday or Saturday night) and some sort of get together at some point where we can chill, drink, grub, and talk cars.

Can we make it happen? Not too often that a vendor will fly into town, toting goodies, knowledge, and the eagerness to help us out with our cars...

I'm sure he'll chime in shortly...

They're on here too, but I think they watch the RL side more...'bout time we get a little more love than you guys! ;)
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