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Chevy Ads get in tune with the Grammys

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DETROIT Chevrolet continued its "An American Revolution" campaign with three spots via Campbell-Ewald that broke during the CBS broadcast of the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

The ads feature Chevy's SS products, the Cobalt family of small cars and a Malibu Maxx ad originally targeted to the Asian market that has been translated into English.

In conjunction with the new commercials, Chevrolet is broadening the campaign to get its message out to a larger audience—including its "takeover" of the Yahoo! Home page today and running divisional messages on the Yahoo! Launch front page that direct viewers to Chevrolet is also placing new print ads in various entertainment media and is sponsoring a live-remote broadcast with Grammy-nominated artists.

The "Record" spot for the new Super Sport line touts the Cobalt SS Supercharged, Impala SS, Monte Carlo SS, TrailBlazer SS, SSR and Silverado SS models. It shows a series of Chevy SS vehicles filling up a traffic circle. The camera then adopts a bird's-eye view to show that the vehicles have formed the shape of a vinyl music record.

The spot for the new Cobalt, "Mash Up," depicts a Cobalt coupe and sedan parked alongside each other in a parking garage. The vehicles' doors start opening and closing, and we hear a rap tune emerging from one Cobalt. When the door closes, the music stops. The door of the other Cobalt opens and we hear a mix of the song "Hot Stuff." The young drivers of each car get out to enjoy the "mash-up" of songs they have created, and a voiceover states: "So quiet ... and yet so loud. Chevy Cobalt, the new commotion in the Chevy family."

"Dream" shows a young Asian man activating his remote start as he approaches his Malibu Maxx on a parking deck. As he gets into the car, a gang of bad guys menaces him. He fends them off, using the Maxx's sport handling to avoid their attack. Then, when one of the baddies gets the better of him, we see him awakened by his young son, as it becomes clear he was dreaming. The voiceover says: "Remote start. Sliding, reclining rear seats. And DVD. Designed with unbelievable features to handle anything you can dream up. Chevy Malibu Maxx. An American Revolution."

"Chevrolet has a long history with music, and this year we are marking our 10-year relationship with the Grammys," said Kim Kosak, general director of advertising and sales promotion for Chevrolet, in a statement. "Our integrated plan around the Grammy Awards gives us a dominant presence on an iconic property."

Staffers at the Warren, Mich., agency who worked on the campaign include creative director Brent Bouchez, art director Whitney Jenkins and copywriter Nathan O'Brien. Nico Beyer of Chased by Cowyboys in Venice, Calif., directed the spots.

By Kevin Ransom

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