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Cleaning The SS/SC

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Hey Everyone,
I was just curious what kind of cleaning products people have been using to clean the inside of there cars with (Recaro seats and dashboard). This weekend i planned on detailing the inside and outside of my SS/SC and just wanted to make sure i use a safe product on the seats and stuff.
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i use meguair's products on the inside. have a gallon of #40 vinyl & rubber cleaner that works well. Also like their NXT vinyl & rubber protectant. For the leather seats, I use lexol. just please please please do not use anything that has the words 'armor all' in it.
Dang, I hate to even say this now.... I use Armor All Leather Wipes on my seats. For all the plastic and stuff I just use a damp cloth.
The silicone oils armor all uses are very bad for a car's interior.
HeppyCat said:
The silicone oils armor all uses are very bad for a car's interior.

I know, I know.... I used to work in an auto parts store and I would try to talk people out of buying their stuff all the time. When I purchased my leather wipes that was all the store had and I don't clean my seats very often with them anyway so I didn't want to waste money throwing the stuff away.


Usually, I just use Simple Green wipes and clean everything with that. :D
Unless you park in a garage at work and home then its usually all right, however I don't think they well and I park outside.
I've always wondered how my friend manages to keep the upholstery and seats of the car so clean and recently he said that he uses a car upholstery cleaner machine and follows the instructions Best car interior dressing | Interior dressing for auto detailing in which professionals give recommendations on auto detailing. I quickly learned this material and put it into practice. It turned out to be an excellent result.
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