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Cobalt 272!

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With the production SS Supercharged arriving in dealers later this year, GM Performance Division has already been tweaking. Never a group that can leave well enough alone, Performance Division’s modus operandi can be clearly seen in the Cobalt SS Supercharged Coupe. This vehicle was created to demonstrate the potential for street performance. The subtle exterior treatment of this show vehicle cloaks a host of engineering upgrades that yield significant improvements in acceleration and handling. Horsepower hits 270, larger brakes spin at the ready, and a lowered suspension steadies the chassis. Carbon fiber cues hint at the performance potential of this complete package.

Vehicle Highlights

Supercharged and intercooled 2.0L engine producing 270 horsepower
Functional fresh air intake integrated into hood
Fabricated air intake box
Low-restriction exhaust system from the catalyst rearward
Traction-enhancing limited-slip differential added to the heavy-duty five-speed manual transmission
Suspension lowered by 40 mm (1.6 inches) and tuned by GM High Performance Vehicle Operations (HPVO)
Large-diameter four-wheel-disc braking system with Baer rotors and production calipers
19-inch wheel and tire package
Audio system with Pioneer Electronics speakers and Alpine amplifiers
Aftermarket Motorola cell phone with IHF 1000 Premium Car Kit
Re-trimmed, custom interior that highlights SS heritage
Exterior styling that explores new concepts based on production Cobalt SS Supercharged
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speed05 said:
I call BS on this

This is right from GM's website buddy..

Yes its concept.. but not BS..
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