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Cobalt Car Club?

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Anyone thinking of starting a Cobalt Car Club?

I am big into Turbo Dodges at the moment, we have the SDAC (Shelby Dodge Automotive Club) with chapters everywhere in North America... every province(?) in Canada, Mexico, and every state in the U.S.

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas for names, etc.

It would be great to start something up where we could have an annual national meet w/ races and swap meets and stuff, like the srtforums guys are doing this year in LA.

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i like the way u think!

YEA Sounds good... id be up for traveling after i get my SS cobalt! :D i just got in to cars not to long ago so i dont know much. and the more people i know.. the more they can help me learn :p
Well it sounds like a good plan but i might not be able to do so much traveling but we will see when i get my Cobalt SS by that time there might be other Cobalt clubs and if there is one for the east coast that will be the one i will join.
well if we have a national cobalt club then we will have to hold events in both west coast and east coast and the middle some where lol but im in i been thinkin about it lately im totally siked! lets try to get it up and running asap.. ill think of some names to call it and are we gonna be strickly cobalt or chevy compacts? or all american compacts? we need to discuss this! :)
I was thinking just a Cobalt SS club... same name for every chapter nationally..... meets when we get large enough, you know the deal.
indeed ok so start a west coast east coast and possibly canadian chapter?

Also a Logo? for window. or body someone give me a name.. and i can start working on decals design
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