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Cobalt on Speed Channel tonight!

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that Tuner Transformation will be doing a special on the Cobalt tonight at 6pm pacific time on Speed Channel.

Check your local listings for more info...

Take it easy...
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An SS or regular one?
Well i saw TT tonight and it was an Audi, not a Cobalt.
I was thinking it was strange to have a cobalt on there already. there isn't enough aftermarket support to put it on the show. Only thing they could do to it is putsome rims on it and lower it.
There is one on there already... Someone posted it somewhere a day or so ago... Its in a three car competition.
The three car competition is a series called Street Tuner Challenge i believe. The entire series is about teardowns and rebuilds on a cobalt ss, a jetta mark v, and an older skyline (GTR? i don't remember). Tuner Transformation is a series where they do a car a week, and they have done a Cobalt SS, the show was just rescheduled to August 8th. Here is their website.
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