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Hello all,

I had an issue with my safety button on my automatic shifter and had to remove it to fix it. When I was putting the last nut on to secure the shifter, I noticed a burning smell; I looked down and saw smoke. The dome light turned off, windows stopped working, brake lights stopped working etc. Headlights still worked, as well as the third brake light and dash lights. I had pinched a red wire with a black stripe on it in a thick bundle of wires running on the passenger side of the shifter, which I traced back to the BCM. I also can't get a connection to the OBD2 port when I hook a scanner to it.

So, I'm stuck at this point and am not sure what to do next; the car won't even turn over, the anti theft light is on, power steering notification is on, traction control light is on and a few others. I checked all fuses and they are fine, but are there any specific fuses I should check? The only thing I can think of is to remove the center console, fix the wire and pray to God it isn't a fried body control module (BCM). Anyone have any thoughts on this issue?

Thank you in advance,

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