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Cobalt SS Buld-Up on SPEED

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Anyone watch Street Tuner Challenge on SPEED ? I think the show sucks, but it caught my eye today when they started a Cobalt SS LSJ buildup. (I dunno, maybe it was a re-run??)
Team Cobalt out of San Diego California (I think the show is based in LA) pulled the brand new engine and went to town. (in a HACK sort of way- seen them prying the bed-plate off with a 36” prybar wedged into the block rail! :eek: )
Showed pretty good visible details on the supercharger, intake, charge air cooler and engine internals though. They say they’re gonna build it up mechanically to handle “Big Tuner Horsepower” (whatever that means – we shall see I guess, the show is “To Be Continued” LOL)

It appears to be a pretty serious effort though as they also totally gutted the SS interior to weld-in in a full NHRA legal cage. Doubt I’ll see the next episode, but if someone does, fill us in on what they use to manage the fuel/boost control!! :p
Looks like they have some help from GM Performance, so maybe they will show us something of use.

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Yup, I've been watching it since it premiered last week. You didn't miss much, as in the introductary episode they mainly introduced the three teams and each one went over what their goals were in the contest.

I'm finding it pretty interesting so far, although I think the half-hour format tends to hurt the flow of things, as it only allows around 6-7 minutes per team each week, which really isn't enough time to get into as much detail on the build-ups as I'd like.

The only other real complaint I have is that the cars seem pretty mismatched: '05 Cobalt SS, '05 Volkswagon Jetta, and a '03 Nissan Skyline GT-R. There's no real connection between the three, as all are totally different classes of cars altogether. Also, although the show's intro says that the cars are competing in three different areas (interior, exterior, and performance), the show's website seems to indicate that the only actual competion at the end of the series will be in a Time Attack, so I'm not really sure what they're actually designing for.

Anyway, while the show normally airs on Wednesdays, they seem to show repeats all throughout the rest of the week, and I'd recommend checking it out at least once.

By the way, show's official site is:
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