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Cobalt SS in Grand Am Series (ST Class)

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Couldn't find this posted on here so I thought I'd share. Saw a little bit of footage today of a red Cobalt SS road racing on a "roval" course (combo of road course in-field and part of the oval) at the California Speedway and it was moving real well with the other cars.

This past weekends results at the California 200. The Cobalts placed 5th and 6th ... an RX8 placed 1st. They up against BMW 330s, Mini Cooper S, and RSX teams.

In the GS series, the 2005 Mustang GTs are kickin serious butt...they won the Calif. 200 race in their series, up against BMW, PORSCHE, Caddy, etc.. The stangs have been in the top 5 so far. In fact, I think they won the first Grand Am Cup race this season.
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Sweet, I wish I could catch one of those on TV. Is there a schedule posted anywhere on the net??? Is it speed channel??
Wow they are doing good considering they just came out this year so i would say they are doing very well i shows that they are makeing some very competive cars.
bump, So nobody know where to find a schedule?
CoBIZZLE said:
bump, So nobody know where to find a schedule?
Yup it airs on SpeedTV - the races are taped and aired at a later ya go :cool:

... and the actual race date schedule:

Yeah the footage I did catch I was really impressed with the Cobalt's performance --- I am not completely familiar with the rules/regs/specs for the GA Cup Series ST class, but if it's similar to SCCA at all, those cars are probably just as modified as your highly modded streetcar, maybe some chassis work, and obviously a gutted interior, etc. I am pretty sure you're NOT allowed to touch the factory engine, but you can add mods to it. Glad to see the SS represent the U.S.! The SRT-4s are in the SCCA WorldChallenge Series - also airs on SpeedTV - but they're only doing okay, highest finish I know of is 14th :eek: But glad to see it finally on a major roadracing series :D
I would love to catch some of these races.
Yeah me too but I cant ever find the damn races!!
i saw one like a month ago and i freaked out i was so proud CHEVY IS DOIN GOOD
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