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I guess it just depends on what your looking for in the car.

The SRT4 has much more performance. Face it. 2.0L Cobalt SS to a 2.4L SRT4. Also the turbo has a much better rate of performance gain than a supercharger. But you also have to look at the comfort factors of each car. The SRT4 wasn't made to be comfortable. It was made to perform. The Cobalt SS is a much more refined vehicle and the interior is much nicer and sleaker. The Cobalt SS is more of an average driver's car whereas the SRT4 is directed more towards the guy who wants to go balls to the wall fast.

Other than that it just seemed the Cobalt Designers got lazy. Who in there right mind would continue to use a solid rear axle when it's just as cheap to go independant rear. Also why was a 5 speed manual used when they have access to 6sp Getrags? Just doesn't make sense. Why cheap out?

1 - 1 of 208 Posts
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