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Cobalt SS/SC for $19 grand possible in SoCal?

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I see that GM is having the employee discount. I am seriously wanting to buy this car. My choices were so far: '06 Civic SI, '06 Scion tC, and '06 Chevy Cobalt SS.

The GM employee price for this car is exactly $20,034.15.

But I don't want the G85 package. I can live without it. My budget is technically 19 grand ish....out the door and I want to drop a downpayment of $8000.

SO i want to are my chances of getting a cobalt ss/sc for 19 grand out the door at a Socal dealer....base...base...model...ZERO options....all i want is leather and that is standard

thanks guys!!!!
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HOLY CRAP!!!! If your gonna drop an $8K down payment then you need to go ahead and splurge and get the G85! IMO! Good luck with gettin it! Oh and welcome aboard buddy!
The only way your going to find out, is to go hit up a couple of dealerships.
Tell them what you want and be firm... Shop around though, 8K can do a lot of talking by itself :D
thanks a bunch guys!!! yea, my down payment is guaranteed to be a hefty 8 grand MINIMUM! I'm working 63 hours a week this summer just to drop this down payment. A paid summer internship for my major (electrical engineering) and also at a vitamins store. Mon-Fri and sunday. :)

but yea...i hope GM will give it to me.... i will call around when the time comes.
As far as I know the GM Employee discount for everyone ends July 5th.
NfamousZ24 said:
As far as I know the GM Employee discount for everyone ends July 5th.
Yea but with that kind of money down, he might get a better deal ;) . I know when I bought mine they couldn't go below the employee discount :( ..
If you get a good APR don't put that much down ;)
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