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(Please don't ask me some pics, since I have no camera. But I'll be able to post dyno results very soon).

Yesterday, I went to a local performance shop and we make some custom mod's on my SS / SC.

Custom SS Catback

We had previously order the required parts, and it took about 4 hours to do the job. We removed the 2,25" rear section (near rear drive axle to the muffler) and also got the stock muffler removed. We replaced it with a Vibrant Performance 2,5" SS mandrel U-J bent pipe (have to be cut in different angles) with a Magnaflow 2,5" Universal Muffler. We re-used the 3 stock hooks to keep it in place. All the welds were TIG made; the job is VERY nice ! The sound is very nice too; not too annoying at low RPM's and loud when loading the engine. We re-used the stock OEM tip. We also keep the front stock 2,5" bent pipe with the silencer, since it's a free flowing "empty" part.

Here are the parts number that will fit the 2005 SS / SC:

Magnaflow Stainless steel 2,5" universal muffler: Part # 14326.

Vibrant Performance Stainless Steel Universal U-J Bent 2,5" Tubing : Part # 2609. (see page #28).

Vibrant Performance Stainless steel clamp : Part # 1171. (see page #31).

Air box Mod (almost like a CAI) (Not suggested).

We had previously order the K&N conical universal air filter (part number RU-2710). We got the front left plastic fender off, remove the bottom cover of the airbox and remove the stock filter. Since my car is only 1300 miles done, we didn't clean the MAF. We install the K&N with the provided clamp (we had to bore a little hole in the air box, beside the screw, to tighten it). We leave the bottom cover removed (This very filter will also fit with the cover re-install). Also, i have cut a square portion (2 and a half square inch) of black plastic in a front part (sorry no pics) to make sure the flow will be better to the filter. I don't think the cutted part may cause some water fume to get around the filter, since the hole we done is not aligned with the front fascia's holes. (I previously had a Injen CAI on a RSX-S and the filter was less better placed for the water fume and never had some problems with it).

I also purchase four NGK BKR7E (not installed yet) to be installed next week with my 3" pulley (bought from Fast-Bikes USA; as seen on E-Bay).

So yesterday costs me around 500 $ USD (pulley not included) including all the parts and labour, so I am very proud.

Looking at the newest Magnaflow 2,5" Catback, which cost around 600 or 700 $ USD (I think), I am proud to have a custom stainless steel 2,5" line (with a custom air intake) at less price.

My estimations are around 8 to 10 whp gain for the catback. About the K&N high flow filter itself, gains are not easy to measure with the by-pass valve selenoid bleeding some boost.

Have a nice day !
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