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For those who dont know me, my name is Keith Losier.

I am new to the board, been reading for a while and decided it was time to post and get some things started after this past weekend.

I currently own a 2004 Saturn Ion and 2005 Cobalt SS.

My saturn won the Design award at SEMA 2004 as well as the APril/May 2005 Cover of Performance AutoSound MAgazine.

My new project is the SS, both vehicles were in atlantic city this past weekend for IAS.

Im just dropping a line to say hello, introduce myself and hopefully get some feedback on some things you guys would like to see for these cars.

I will become a supporting vendor as soon as i get my manuf and molds finished for the GM products.

My company is one of the leading building teams on the east coast and canada for show cars. We have been working with a Carbon Fibre Manuf for the past 4 years, and know we are ready to introduce our own line of GM related Carbon fibre items.

we already have Cobalt SS, Cobalt, Saturn Ion and Chevy Aveo carbon fibre hoods, trunks, mirror covers. Working on a few other carbon pieces as well.

Looking for input. on other items, and interest in company's looking to distribute. We have a few but are leaving all windows open at this time.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any ?


Keith Losier
Desired Customs
[email protected]
1 905 371-3472

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Thats cool. Id love to see a nice hood or tow. nothing gaudy just a low pro active scoop. As well some z4/z5 style fenders but only if they are made of saturn style bounce back quality.
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