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still working on the twin charge setup... just like the other post said, not likely going to be a consumer upgrade kit sold, due to the $8000+ cost and extensive work required

they did say however that i was incorrect on the eatons being so parasitic, they actually run better than most other roots style blowers on the market. they also said it was NOT a good idea to do a pulley kit on these blowers because there are alot of issues with the shaft bearings getting f'd up in the process or right afterwards. They said it's going to be about 12 months before they can really get into our cars because of the computers. GM is not willing to work with them very much on the fuel maps and such because of an incident a few years back when a person was killed because of the cavy's driveshafts being rated at 130mph, and the guy was going fast as hell when his front end blew apart. he died, and since then gm has been cautious of who they talk to and what they say about their computer coding.

they are working on a 25-30 hp upgrade here shortly without changing pulleys and such, but he had no estimated release times on it.

so it looks like we're down for even a longer haul than what i thought originally... i think i'm about to get with psi-fi and go ahead with their kit if it's gonna be that long
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