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Difference between s/c and turbo

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here is a great link that explains adavntages/disadvantages of turbos and superchargers. Hope this clears up some confusion :confused:
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I used that link about 6 months ago maybe less not sure i kinda mad a few people mad. HEHE But yeah that is a good link and my dad has alot of knowledge of these things because he is a mechanic.
Can't really say that they are not some what biased. Afterall centrifugal superchargers take a long time to spool up and have serious lag. They also seem to be stuck in a turbo world of only oil cooled units. The srt-4 turbo or almost any mitsu turbo for that fact as well as most BB turbos are oil and water cooled. In such a case oil baked to the turbo does not become a problem. They obviously have not seen a reverse rotational twin scroll turbo before because they would not say a s/c produces a broader powerband over a turbo. The stock or stage 3 turbo produces full boost at around 2700rpm's and has max torque from that point on. No surge on either turbo's. It seems their comparison was modern technology superchargers vs. dinosaur technology Garret turbo's of 20+ yrs ago. Turbo efficiency has come along way. Hope you guys don't take this post wrong but I do feel they are a little one sided. Some points I agreed w/ but tunability is not any harder on a turbo than on a s/c if you know what you are doing.
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They did mention that small turbo's spool quickly, though.
Yes indeed they did but they never said a centrifugal s/c takes just as long to spool as a big turbo. I have seen many Novi S/c and paxton s/c dyno and all centrifugals seem to be the same, LAG MONSTERS!!!! Just thought it was funny that they attributed lag to only turbo's for the most part but yet they do mention centrifugal s/c but do not mention them being just as laggy as a big turbo.
Now lets go read what garret says about turbochargers...... :p
clownhair said:
Now lets go read what garret says about turbochargers...... :p
mldvenm said:
actually I just finished reading the article and for the most part it is fairly acurate. I didn't read every smidgeon but it did not seem to me like they were bashing turbos really.
They were not bashing turbos at all but I just thought after reading it the second time, that they did have a little bias in there. Totally understandable coming from a site. Nothing new. I am sure if anyone went on any turbochargers website they would get a fairly accurate comparison as well but it would not be w/ out a little bias either.

I saw a shootout between a turbo and two different types of s/c's installed on the same car to see what the difference was. The turbo made the most power and passed the s/c's in hp and tq by 3000rpm's. The turbo curve was by no means more linear than one of the s/c graphs but it made more power throught the majority of the power band. I think it was honda tuning or modified magazine that did the shootout but I really can't remember. It was about 3 weeks ago that I saw it. The other thing is there are lots of company's making very reliable turbo kits for all kinds of applications such as AGP. Like I said, a little bias but nothing that you wouldn't see on any other site supporting their products and trying to be as unbiased as possible.
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Here is alink to a turbo biased site although fairly accurate. Notice they do indeed make some really good points that were left out by the supercharger site that makes perfect sense.
Good to see another opinion! Gotta see the conservative and liberal side of the story ;)
lol h8beingbored
h8beingbored said:
naturally aspirated all the way! :D
what ever floats your boat sailor. :rolleyes:
I'll go all motor on an LS1, but for the time being I'll stick to wantin a boosted four cylinder.
Turbo an LS1 and look out though. Mad Powaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nawww..still wouldnt' beat your srt :rolleyes:
Your right since the srt-4 is the fastest car EVER!!!!!!lol
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