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Drifting Practice.

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We had about 3 inches of snow today. So tonight I went out to practice my drifting. Not too terribly bad at it but I still can't drift it so much as just slide it. It was a lot easier in my RWD Blazer.

Anyway I was pulling into a parking lot and pulled the brake to slide in. I guess I need more practice because I ended up sliding into the curb with my rear driver side wheel with a loud smack!

I got out and the rim looks fine and it seems to be in place (I don't think I will need it aligned). Drove fine the rest of the way.

What should I watch for to clue me in if it is out of alignment?
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Phail-sauce. Luckily you hit a curb and not anothers persons car, or another person.
youre trying to say i dont know this when i work on these type of things every day.... the only way you would get a vibration is if he was missing hella parts or damaged them critically in the FRONT. in the rear, you would hear the vibration instead of seeing and feeling it in the steering wheel. and still its not alignment, it would be a bent wheel or improper placement of parts or balance of tires. An alignment is the adjustment of the lower control arms, upper control arms and toe set of the front and possible rear of a vehicle to make sure that they are rolling parallel to each side and perpendicular to the rears. not callin you a dumbass (look i spelled it right for you instead of shorthanding) but saying that dont call me wrong on something i specialize in.
Where do you work? I've never seen a Jiffy Lube that specializes in alignment.
no the question is would you trust sseiboi who works at walmart to do your alignment
No the question is.....

Why is SSEIBOI a cuntsicle?
Bitter much?

It doesn't matter, my 2.4 is faster than your car stock vs. stock.
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None of those cars are really all that impressive.

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