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Drifting Practice.

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We had about 3 inches of snow today. So tonight I went out to practice my drifting. Not too terribly bad at it but I still can't drift it so much as just slide it. It was a lot easier in my RWD Blazer.

Anyway I was pulling into a parking lot and pulled the brake to slide in. I guess I need more practice because I ended up sliding into the curb with my rear driver side wheel with a loud smack!

I got out and the rim looks fine and it seems to be in place (I don't think I will need it aligned). Drove fine the rest of the way.

What should I watch for to clue me in if it is out of alignment?
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vibrations, wheel hop....
that would be balance problems.

if its out of alignment, you would have to drive it on a flat road and if your blazer pulls to the side of the impact, it would be out. but its a straight axle in the rear so there would be no way to fix it because you probably bent the axle. new one would be wise, but like i said, only if you feel it pulling.
yea good luck trying to drift a FWD. a lot of handbraking. i was able to do it in gravel but kinda wide and regret doin it kuz now i chipped my paint on the wheel well of my rears and put chips in my rims.... fun tho
could also indicate an alignment problem, dumbass, hey looked i spelled it right hahahahahaha
youre trying to say i dont know this when i work on these type of things every day.... the only way you would get a vibration is if he was missing hella parts or damaged them critically in the FRONT. in the rear, you would hear the vibration instead of seeing and feeling it in the steering wheel. and still its not alignment, it would be a bent wheel or improper placement of parts or balance of tires. An alignment is the adjustment of the lower control arms, upper control arms and toe set of the front and possible rear of a vehicle to make sure that they are rolling parallel to each side and perpendicular to the rears. not callin you a dumbass (look i spelled it right for you instead of shorthanding) but saying that dont call me wrong on something i specialize in.
I dont claim to work at a shop, I just know from experiance what all I had to get done after hitting a curb while turning about about 45-55mph a few years back and the way the tech explained it to me

you said you where special, :D
well the tech is a fuckin tech. not a mechanic, there is a reason hes a tech. a tech is a graduate student with little to no experience. and he diagnosed it wrong on did it on purpose to rip your ass off. if it was from the dealership then i have something to say to you about that too. i fix the fuck-ups the dealership does and its because they are TECHS. learn instead of thinking you know what your talkin bout.
or you could see the wear on the tires.
that is also true. but that takes time depending how bad the alignment is out.
wow. that was fun reading what i missed. FYI, walmart is not my employer nor will i everwork for one. its full of strange people that look like they have been hit with an ugly stick like you wicked.

my real employer is a place called East Bay Frame & Axle that like ive said, have been workin for 10 years. we specialize in suspension for cars, trucks and semis (i dont touch semis because im not qualified). we lower and lift vehicles and do insurance to just stock replacement suspension. Business has been slow so they have cut my hours but when i do like i said, i work on the oh-so-godly SRT line and GTO's and Stangs.... blah, blah. i have test drove them and i dont need to go to the dealer to do that. im so dissatisfied with the V8 muscle from them. yes mods will work better on them and will achieve more HP than my car but stock for stock it just doesnt compare.

and i didnt think that you WICKED, only owning a SS/N/a will think he knows how a SS/TC or SS/SC handles.... test drive them once they have broken in. Makes a huge difference.

WICKED= HOLA???? WTF? i remember when your name was just a fucken jumble of numbers.... now its wicked.... ly fucken stupid....
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Bitter much?

It doesn't matter, my 2.4 is faster than your car stock vs. stock.
i dont know how you figure....

i think your dreaming a little outta your league. trust me, i had the iroc-z once running mid 11s on 91octane. that car stock ran 14s flat. your cobalt ss n/a runs 15 flat at the least. your mods dont do much to your car because its not forced induced. you should know that it doesnt affect your car as much at our elevation compared to mine..... ill outrun you sprintin. you there racin and im at the finish line.
good job i even looked over to see what i typed. yeah your pretty sad for doin that.

every time i read the post it reminds me of the people like you having no life.... then i just shrug and go back to looking at my beautiful car.
um i do agree in what your sayin because that is what i had stated in an earlier post in another thread. noone on this forum can help another with advice. but the only reason i ended up saying that is because of people that say:

show proof, show proof.... and then i post pics of what i have and show that im not lying and out of nowhere, those that just show time slips (which i need to remind could be from another car on the strip) claim they are the shit at racing. all im getting at is i dont need to show any proof of my accomplishments or anything. youll here my name at the autocross meets and the entry of my car (that being it is probably gonna be the only cobalt ss/sc at the track).

ill find the previous post i made that PINTO forums have more helpful members than this one. dont feel left out.... why do you think that the only question ive ever asked was about an intake?
yea ive given up on that because i found all i need to know. thank you though.
he hasnt contributed worth of shit on this forum since hes signed on. i dont know, i think those that post those type of responses should be lonely single men or women having nothing else to do. i on the other hand want to ask what i dont know but i dont because then ill hear bullshit from a number of people. im not lazy to GOOGLE anything just too busy due to working and being busy with life.

Crash, go get a life in anyway possible, then when you do, come back and post helpul advice.

oh and i take that your name is crash because..... why? you have a ss cobalt and its crashed????
i dont care what you think about me. you arent any more than a internet pussy with no knowledge, just opinions.
ahh dont worry bout him, he just like all the derranged females on this forum that like the drama. always scratchin the VD on his vagina and then cryin bout it
i dont care what other people think. your a follower arent you? always grabbin hold onto another leaders cock and dangling from it wherever he goes huh? your still in school huh? i havent been in school for 10 years. why dont you show your elders respect and go wack off to a picture of hannah montana or whatever is fly for you these days. dont be mad at me because supreme slacker is slapping your bitch ass around.

oh and one more tip, wash your mouth out of all those bad words or ill tell your mommy. maybe me and her can have some fun after too.....
aawww thats just too bad. you think having respect on the internet is good. little kid, from what i see, he is slapping your bitch ass around. and you even admit to being one. hahaha!

"And by the way supreme slacker isn't slapping my bitch ass around, no one is and never will."

reread and see how stupid you are. your still stubborn and dont realize that internet cred doesnt get you anywhere. ive got track and street cred and thats all i need. so once again i tell you, respect your elders because you think that all i have is a ss/sc? ill take pics of all my cars and show you.

let me give you a list:
2002 tahoe on dubs
2005 silverado 1500 on dueces
2004 silverado 2500hd
2008 silverado 1500 v6

any more? all paid off. my ss/sc is a toy. and i am almost finished paying off my house so dont even start you little prick. tell your mommy i said hi....
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For talking about errors in somebody else's posts, you sure do make a lot of your own.
EX. lil (x2).
Ex. life.I (You did not put a space in or use a ?).
Ex. right essay's (Should be write essays).

Let's not start on your run on sentences. Also it is your internet browser that underlines the words that are spelled wrong.

You're welcome. :)

+1 owned bitch....
no im just established and like i said, im not a little kid like "crash" the middle schooler illegally driving his dad's car around on the weekend.

but you did notice he admitted to being a bitch ass. if i were you id try to see how much money he'd make you by putting him out on the streets.
so heres my problem supreme slacker . i hoped that you would have the answer or if anyone did because i was doing research but if anyone knows, numbers are one thing and experience is another:

1: i was recently planning on converting my stock front calipers and rotors to either brembo or willwood 4piston and non crossdrilled or slotted. i know both are a great company so i thought that it would give me great stopping power with less brake fade.
2: upgrade to steel braided lines on my stock brake system. there is nothing wrong with it at the moment because i dont make that much power to need to stop harder. but i hear steel braided is the best and less expensive way to go.

like i said, ive read the numbers but i need a useful, not useless, opinion on which would work best based on experience.

any advice would help. dont want to spend stupid money on my toy. always like to spend smart money. (i think i speak for everyone at that).

but like ive noticed: new cars work differently. some modifications benefit performance more than others and could end up costing less than others.
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that dream victory you have will never become reality. dont waste your time praying to your mommy that it will happen. and i know far more about cars than you do. dont get that confused.

oh and one other thing, how does being married to a woman make me a ***? i think that your still afraid of girls. just another sign of proof that your still in middle school.
do you know how much used cars go for at the auctions? i can resell them after maintenance for double or triple what i paid. i have all the discounts i want on any car part known to man. dont fuck with me kid. boobie banta is getting old.

what i have been doing since i found out about the auctions.
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