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Cold wheater sucks ... This morning it was minus 8 farenheit degrees. I put the key in the ignition, turned it and the car started very well; as fast as usual. So I let it idle for maybe 2 minutes until the coolant temp achieve maybe 45 farenheit degrees, then I put the car in reverse to get out of the parking.

Immediatly, the instrument panel write this (it was in french) : Reduced power mode; shutting ignition. Damn the car shutt off by itself ! After I try to turn the key, but nothing. I saw the check engine light comes ON. I wait a couple of minutes, then tried to start again. OK I get it started and the car runs as good as usual, except it took longer to get warmed.

Later I have been able to see what DTC it was (with the Aeroforce Interceptor) and it was the P0606 code. I got it reset with the Interceptor gauge and the car ran good today and this afternoon.

I was wondering what was the cause ? The service manual doesn't say a lot of things about it.

Any thoughts ? Maybe the throttle plate was stucked in slight ice ? My car was cover with some ice this morning ...
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