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Durability Question

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OK, I know these cars are very my area they are none available at any dealerships...mine has 800 miles on it as I type durable do you think these cars will be....Can we basically flog them day in and out with no real worries other than tires and brakes....I dont mean clutch popping burnouts, but real spirited driving....what do you think....I have an 82 Porsche 911.....I can track the 911 all day long and it loves it...runs better when i am done....but my Cobalt....I am just not sure...can this Chevy handle what we have to give these cars with no real issues....thoughts??
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Why don't you try it AFTER you break in the engine? LOL. Give it some time. Your Cobalt SS is in NO way gonna compare to your 911, that's for sure!

I think they'll be pretty reliable, but most people will beat on them making them not as reliable as they CAN be. Only time will tell.

Everyone used to say the SRT-4 wouldn't last past 100K.:rolleyes: People are ignorant. Ignorant posts like to make their way all over the internet too.
I hear you....I had an 1987 Escort GT...sort of a grandfather of the tuner car....sold it with 137,000 miles on it and it ran like the day I bought it....I am very good to my cars...I overmantain them....I am not questioning the car just wondering over time what we will see. I dont take it too redline every drive like I do with my 911 that relishes hard driving. I think only time will tell.....We will start to see on this site if people are expering problems with trannys, superchargers etc.......
nice bong toke by the way!
Ad Man said:
nice bong toke by the way!
:D:D:D That's a weak hit too... it's the only pic I got that close.

They call me DRAGON LUNGS!!!!!! rofl
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