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Eaton M62 blower specs

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here is the link straight to the company website, with all the technical aspects of the SS blower. The only thing i understood was that our blower is a 1.0L in size lol
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After looking at that, it appears as though the M90 might just fit as long as the outlet flange is all the same and everything lines up. If so, I think that might be a good way to make some power on a more modified LSJ. Only thing I didnt like was that the M90 made a bit more heat than the M62, although I dont know if that was supercharger heat, outlet heat or what.
According to Eaton, the M62 is actually a little big for the Cobalt. "Designed for 2.5L to 4.0L car and light truck applications."
But it also says it may be suitanle for other engine sizes depending on application. I doubt its too extremely big for the SS or GM wouldnt have put it there?!?!
On another website, it states that the M62 is for engines 2.0L to 4.0L....So I don't know
You mean in our cars w/ 12psi? I don't know, but maybe there's a clue:

'00-'04 2.0L Zetec focus motor is a DOHC 4 valve, with 130hp @ 9.6:1 compression.

I know this may not help, but maybe we can all brainstorm on what our motors would without the blower
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