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Hey All,

First and foremost, thank you for the continued support and we are glad we could make many people's holiday season memorable with our gear. We had a total of over 20,000 entries into the sweepstakes. And for the many e-mails and calls regarding the winners list for the sweepstakes, here they are:

GRAND PRIZE: (1) Dodge SRT-4
- Tracy Hunold: Sacramento, CA

FIRST PRIZE: XBox 360 (1 each)
- Brian Dowling: Wheat Ridge, CO
- Della Bruss: Ocala, FL

SECOND PRIZE: DuFFS Shoes (1 pair each)
- Brian Anderson: Sebring, OH
- Kelly Roberts: Williamstown, WV
- Jeff McQuisition: Sycamore, OH
- Matt Zimmerman: Cedar Rapids, IA
- Greg Ford: Orion, IL

All winners have been contacted and will be receiving their prizes within the next few weeks. Also, a brief story on the winner of the SRT-4 will be posted at the Ekset website upon the winner picking it up from us. Any questions, feel free to ask and also, the latest men's collection items will be debuted on the Ekset website in the next week or two and on sale in January/February. Thanks again everyone and there is more to come from Ekset!
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