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Employee Pricing on Cobalt SS!!

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Starting 6/1/2005 GM will extend Employee purchases to public at all participating dealers. That means with GM paying the dealers on advertising and Holdback a MSRP of $24150.00 on a loaded Cobalt ss "has to" sell for $21909.00 + tax and fees. No negotiating!!! :D A once in a life shot. Mine is Yellow with ebony and yellow interior. See ya at the track. :eek:

Ps If you can't find one I have about 30 within 3 hours of me. I will help you find the ONE 4 YOU !! No charge No interference just want 2 help :rolleyes:
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Thats right its now official. I have two in stock and they wil go extreemly quick. If you want one in Dallas TX PM me.
Where did you get this information at???? So, if I find a Silver Cobalt SS, with all the options I want, say 23500, I will get it around 21000??? I would love for this to be true, so if you have some info of where you got it, that would be great...
The memo just came down the wire from GM tonight. It was a rumor for the last week but as of now is official. :)
Where are you and I can check on availability

I am not a GM employee or a dealer employee. I just want input from others on cobalt upgrades. I found a 45 silver ones.there are a few cheap ones in the SE MSRP of 22k on sale at 20K. jump on one the deal is very short term. :eek:
Alright, well I assume that you work at a GM dealership, or work for GM somehow, so the car lists for 21,995 (with destination). I want the sunroof and airbags. So its 21,995 + 1,200 (options) = 23,120 (roughly). How much would I pay now, since there is the new employee discount thingy
I need a damn SS in friggen new jersey....stupid state has like 8 total
I found 5 silver do you have a fax number.
I know there are silver ones, but with my options. everyuone I find has XM (which i dont want) and they dont have the airbags and sunroof. i need sunroof and airbags...its a must
Front Airbag is standard Side curtain is optional

XM is the greatest thing since cable TV. It is cable for your radio. Try it for 1 month you will never drive without it. :D
Try this one a bit of a drive but hey

Ultra silver with Ebony leather
Side curtain airbag and sunroof
ashtray lighter and xm for a meager msrp of $23455

Kenny Ross Chevrolet
Irwin Pa
well, i never listen to the radio, but whatever.. so what would it cost me with this new employee discount thingy
How bout $21304.35 + tax and fees?

I love employee pricing. No haggle no issues. Sell your trades and buy or die. The dealer normally pays more than these prices.

John Masten is sales manager at Kenny Ross according to web :eek:
RockTart said:
Kenny Ross Chevrolet
Irwin Pa
It was almost 10 years ago, but I had a pretty bad experience there. I hope they've changed, otherwise avoid them. They certainly don't care about repeat business...
I live in the south.

I do not know the dealers up north but if you have a problem with a dealer post it. Also if a dealer does something special or unexpected post it. I hope they change or get out America needs to buy American. ;)
Anyone have a negative with Turnerville Chevrolet?

They have a loaded Silver SS. MSRP of $25,650 it will go out at $23,251 tomorrow. It has the Airbags and Performance package diff. :eek:
yea, but I hate the seats though. All i want is the LSD. that extra 1,500 could be used for my college loans or books lol...or car mods lol
The Limited Slip ain't free

Post the seats in trade for new Black Leather. Someone will pay for recaroes.You take their Black leather new ones. I will check to see if any wiring differences. :cool:
Keep in mind with decent credit they will support rate to 3.9 for 60 months (at least in the south). Have you checked at gm incentive site?
i havent checked them out yet... are there any silver ones in NJ with those 2 options i wanted..prob not, there all red or black
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