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EXP4 Gas and Oil Additive

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Hey All,

Last weekend, I was watching a NOPI tuner show on the Speed Channel here in Canada and the host was discussing how they had tested this EXP4 Gas and Oil additive on a Truck. The vendor stated that it was guaranteed to clean combustion deposits, lubricate cylinder components giving higher MPG and reduce emissions partially due to the fact that they state that the oil will not run as hot. He also stated that it would add power and reduces friction, therefore extending equipment life and eliminating engine startup wear.
Understandably, the shows hosts were sceptical and therefore dyno'd the product. Interestingly enough, they saw something like a 5% increase in HP, over 10% improvement in gas mileage and a 10% drop in oil temp. :D

Has anyone out there heard of this stuff. I have always been skeptical especially since they have proven that most of the products out there are a Slick 50.
Based on the fact that a reputable show like this, as well as a couple good sites, recommend it, I am seriously considering picking some up before I get my Cobalt in.
If so, when would you suggest using it... immediately... after the initial 5k break-in and first oil change? Has anyone heard whether this product can/should be used with Synthetic Oil? What is everyone else doing regarding the oil... regular/synthetic... and when?

Here is one of the sites I found that talks about this product:
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