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I just test drove a Blue Cobalt SS last night and let me tell ya, those things are pretty damn qucik. The tire spin is kinda annoying, but its a good thing. I could chirp the tires in 3rd gear. I was laying into it too,...the salesman told me to, and I was going to listen...;) Its so smooth too, a much more refined car than the SRT-4, don't get me wrong, they are faster, but kinda rough. It had the LSD and Rearco seats putting the MSRP at around 22,800. I wanted to buy it, but i would rather get one down the road like in the fall. The dealership was selling them for 3k-4K OVER MSRP, and told me that they can only keep the cars for an hour or so before they sold them. Overall, these cars are the " Hot Buy" of the spring for Kudos to those who own one already. Sweet ass cars.
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