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FINALLY got to see an SS Cobalt this weekend.

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My dealership that I work at seems to sell them the second the roll off the truck, so I drove up to where my roomates works and they had like 4 in the showroom.

looks alright, still don't like the wing, but at least its not as big and ricey as it seems to look in all the promo pictures. I like the LT wing more, and would have to special order it with that probably.

What happened to the chrome wheels? all they had was grey/gunmetal wheels, yet again, damn promo shots. The GM accessories site has some nice looking 18's on it, but I'm sure they charge a premium for them without giving you any money back on the wheels they keep.

Is leather the only seating surface? What about those of us who have 120 degree weather during the summer? I already have leather in my 300Z, and it gets HOT.

While were talking about seats, all the Cobalts I've been in have had really uncomfortable seats, hard and the backrest feels like your leaning against a pole, the SS's were no different, I'm assuming the Recaro's are a bit nicer? I've sat in cheapy Autozone racer seats that were as comfortable.

Not a big fan of Onstar, or XM, except they all seem to come with it. Wonder if that could be removed as a special order...

Not a fan of the side airbags either, (or airbags in general) They could gladly be remove as well I'd assume by special ordering it.

Sunroof + 120 degree temperatures = bad.

LSD: Gotta have it, my Z's got one and its makes a big difference on launches. Too bad they stick it with the "performance" seats and make it a package. I'm still not sure why its not a stock addition, If I'm not mistaken all the new SRT4's come with it already. Guess its just a reason to tack on $1500 with a "package"

The Side Mirrors: This is a problem I have with the whole Cobalt lineup, the Mirrors look like they are straight off the new Malibu. They deserve to be more rounded, and completely painted instead of just the caps.

Autometer Boost gauge: glad GM used a decent aftermarket company for that instead of trying to have ACDelco make one of their own and have it be inaccurate as hell. I've still gotta pull my dash apart to take out the stock boost gauge in my Z and put in a decent one before I boost up the PSI.

Would be cool if Chevy took a nod from Subaru (or was it Mitsubishi?) and made a lightweight SS that featured manual windows, no A/C, no sunroof, no side airbags, no XM, no onstar, pretty much just motor and chassis.

Overall I wasn't completely let down like I figured I was going to be, Chevy's really been hitting some foul balls lately and I wasn't going to trust them enough to not put out another stinker. Although the Solstice/Sky looks like a nice little roadster, if they throw the 2.0SC into that I'd be more apt to get that.

SO pretty much the SS Cobalt I'd want to buy would be:
Arrival Blue
Graphite Cloth interior on Recaro seats
LT Spoiler
NO Onstar, XM, Side airbags or sunroof

That Undeveloped 6 speed manual that GM SHOULD have made for the car.

MP3 CD Player: Thank GOD they finally started putting these into their cars stock, you cannot believe how long I've waited for this, since the days we used to build custom computers or hook up old laptops to place MP3-CD's. Unfortunately they don't make them an option in their higher end cars as well.

That combo is definately not gonna happen anytime soon...
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There will be a turbocharged Saturn Sky Redline puttin down 253 hp (Bye bye 240hp S2000!!!), and comparable torque(which the S2000 DOES NOT HAVE!!!). That would be a sweet ride! Glad your werent totally disappointed by the SS! Welcome aboard!
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