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First known SS in Texas ! Pics of silver SS coupe !

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What we believe is the first Cobalt in Texas is now at Modern Performance, a leading Domestic 4 cylinder tuner since 1997. We bought this car on monday, and are very excited to have it. We will be developing and testing parts for the Cobalt/Cobalt SS platform and will also be developing and testing parts for its sister car, the Redline.

We are proud to be here, and hope to be a active part of the SS community !

So, now enjoy the pics !

This site wont allow me to post anymore images, but you can view more by just copying and pasting this web address, and changing the number of the picture (cobalt5, cobalt6 etc) from 7-11 to view more pictures.
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Hell Yeah!!!! I Love Your Site!!! Im Already Plannin On Spendin Alot Of Money With You Guys On My Girlfriends Neon And Now I Know 'll Be Spendin Some Real Cash!!!!! Ill Be In Touch!!!!
I'm STOKED about this!!! Modern Performacne is a GREAT company! And like I said I was already plannin to drop some cash there for a Neon but now its definite! I was actually tryin to decide between goin with you guys or Howell Automotive. This has sealed my decision. I like the fact that you guys actually DRIVE the cars that you tune!
Oh Im pretty sure a lot of their cars are DAILY driven! Im pretty sure this Cobalt will be for a while!
No problem! I actually haven't even got my SS yet, waitin for 06's to come out. Gotta wait for a wreckless driving ticket to be exponged :eek: , to save on insurance! But I just got a new credit card, so I believe I'll be purchasing a few things in the next couple of months from you for the Neon, gotta pay off my truck first (next week :D , was gonna be last week but I had to get new brakes, oh well). Don't worry, we'll be in touch!
Im sure at least 90+% of the stuff will be interchangeable...
Yeah thats right off their site isn't it?? ^^^
I would take a job ANYWHERE like that LOL!!! Applications please???
1 - 7 of 27 Posts
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